Winnie Nwagi performing at Bakiga Nation 2023 (Photo by Don Mugabi)

While performing at a local hangout on Saturday evening, Winnie Nwagi again found herself lashing out at a reveler whom she claims was disrespecting her and touching her thighs.

Several times before, Winnie Nakanwagi has dominated gossip columns over physically assaulting revelers whom she finds disrespectful towards her.

From breaking their phones to slapping them, Nwagi is never afraid of making her grievances known and she will pause her performance to get her feeling out of the way.

A similar incident happened on Saturday night.

A video accessed by Mbu shows the ‘Detergent’ singer slapping a phone out of the hands of a reveler who was filming from down below.

Another video then shows the songstress lashing out with her right hand and hitting the head of another fan whom she claims was touching her thighs.

Nwagi then pauses her performance and warns the other revelers never to disrespect her or risk leaving with bloody noses.

“When you’re coming to watch Winnie Nwagi, please be respectable. They do not disrespect me. Don’t come here to touch my thighs, you’re not my man and I am not a prostitute. I can beat you and break that nose of yours,” Nwagi is heard threatening a reveler.

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