Gagamel Entertainment crew boss Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool is not happy with the way politicians have turned vigils and burial ceremonies into places for political rallies.

While speaking at Kato Lubwama’s vigil last night, Bebe Cool requested whoever cared to listen to stop politicising funerals.

The Wire Wire singer said that he feels hurt whenever he shows up at vigils and finds politicians uttering politics yet such moments should not be used as platforms to make political statements.

He, therefore, implored most of the Buganda people to revert to the old ways of how they used to respect funerals before the situation gets out of hand.

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I feel hurt whenever I show up at a funeral and find politicians politicising vigils as they put aside the people’s pain of mourning.

I kindly request that politicians stop doing so and revert to our old ways of mourning the people we lose.

I implore we the Baganda to be the traditional Baganda that we used to be. It is becoming too much.

Bebe Cool

The burial of comedian, actor, and singer the late Kato Lubwama Paulo will take place on Wednesday next week since his children are expected to jet into the country within these few remaining days.

His body will be taken to the National Threate and Parliament on Tuesday to honor the contribution he added to the Ugandan arts industry.

Kato Lubwama’s contribution to Uganda’s art was immense since he managed to set up two theatre’s but all collapsed due to rent issues and flopped shows that didn’t turn out as he expected from the plays he conducted.

He helped a lot of artists join the music industry through his group known as the Diamond Production band.

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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