Alien Skin and his nemesis Pallaso get underway with their concerts today at Freedom City and Lugogo Cricket Oval respectively.

Revelers have already started flocking to the venues to have a good time and enjoy the music that they have been grooving to all year long.

The activations and vibe of both concerts have been extremely high as the last few days have seen Alien Skin dominating the airwaves.

Yesterday evening, he had an interview on Galaxy FM where he promised to treat his fans to a great performance full of exciting moves.

When asked to comment about Pallaso’s concert, Alien Skin stressed that “LoveFest” gained popularity and publicity only when he joined in the mix.

He went ahead to claim that before his name was involved in Pallaso’s concert no one cared to talk about the concert.

“Pallaso show has gained popularity because of me. Who was talking about it before I came into the mix? I don’t even want to talk about somebody that has no hit song this year,” Alien Skin said.

He added that Pallaso roughed him up in demand for respect and thus called upon Ugandans to turn up in large numbers at Freedom City to see him give Pallaso the respect he demanded.

Pallaso beat me up all in the name of wanting respect, I’m calling upon all Ugandans to come at Freedom City tomorrow and see me give respect to him.

Alien Skin

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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