Comedian Maulana of the duo Maulana and Reign has commended the late actor, dramatist, and politician Hon. Kato Lubwama for keeping his family out of the public eye.

We all know that it is not an easy thing for celebrities to last long in the limelight without fronting their families and if they try doing so, at least the media tries to dig them out.

However, for the many years that Kato Lubwama has been famous, only his close friends knew about his family members.

It’s after his demise that some people got to know that the dramatist had grown up children overseas which left them in shock.

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The fact that Maulana Kasozi got to know of Kato Lubwama’s family members, heaped praise upon him for keeping his family private saying he did a very good thing which is not easily done.

For 30 years plus that Kato Lubwama lived a celebrity life and he kept his family far from the camera. He even rarely talked about them during the interviews he held on a daily.

It is so rare to find such a private person in today’s Ugandan entertainment industry. Most people show their children, parents, and other relatives in the media.

“Uncle Kato Lubwama eky’okukweka famire ye kyali kirungi kubanga ffenna twetaaga ebyama kubanga emikutu gy’amawulire si myangu,” – Maulana

It should be noted that Maulana’s privacy was invaded a long time ago when his wife came to the media following the disagreements they had.

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