“If you’re ready to stand for the truth better be ready to stand alone,” was Cindy Sanyu’s message to Eddy Kenzo and His entire Federation after a failed consensus meeting at Serene Suites.

The phrase is a popular one from one of Bobi Wine’s songs titled ‘Byekwaso’.

Cindy Sanyu, during an interview with The Truth Gossip, aired her disappointment with the entertainment journalists that reported she had accepted to join the UNMF. 

According to critics, this would mean that she is losing the fight for a better music industry she started when she became UMA president 3 years ago.

In the same interview, Cindy asked Eddy Kenzo to stop dividing the music industry.

Kenzo has been persuading UMA artists with their known associations to join their Federation which would ease the registration of UNMF hence benefiting from Cindy’s UMA sweat freely.

Cindy took this moment of the interview to let the world know that she had officially returned to the stage and that she will be releasing new music in two weeks and that we should expect a concert in a venue bigger than Lugogo Cricket Oval next year.

She also asked the Kataleya and Kandle duo to stop their exchange of words with Hellen Lukoma who they claim has not had a hit song for her entire 10-year career.

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Ivan Atuhairwe is a writer passionate about analyzing events on the Ugandan entertainment scene - something he has done this for a couple of years

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  1. Cindy, some of us think that you can also “Think and Reason better” is it?

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