Former Vision Group employee Fifi Da Queen, born Phiona Nabitengero, has shared reasons why she decided to quit mainstream media and switched focus to her other businesses.

The mother of one has explained that she made the challenging decision after she cited the increasing unprofessionalism at her workplace that was being exhibited by her former employers.

She hinted at how she was one time assigned a new editor who completely knew nothing about scriptwriting, filming, and producing something that made her job more difficult whereby she had to play all the roles and also host the show.

There was a lot of unprofessionalism whereby I was given a producer who knew nothing about their job. So I ended up being the scriptwriter, producer, and everything needed for a program to run on air.

Fifi Da Queen

She went ahead to narrate that even competition forced her to find her way out of media explaining that she reached a moment whereby she felt as if her boss was somehow competing with her.

Following the unhealthy competition, she felt disgusted with the environment plus working with unappreciative people at the office.

Have you ever felt or been in a competition-like environment between an employee and the boss? My boss was always seeing me as a threat and would not appreciate me even when I helped at a point when he had been stranded.

Fifi Da Queen

Fifi Da Queen furthermore revealed that she threw in the towel after failing to balance her two jobs and family whereby she wasn’t able to show up at Vision Group offices in case they needed her for emergency situations.

She adds that the heavy pay cheque at her other job, the Canada-based organizations that she works with found it favorable to focus on that other than staying at the small pay cheque office work at Vision Group.

“My dreams changed and I needed to achieve more so my organizations in Canada reached a time when they were giving me a lot of money and needed to spend more time working for them so I called it quits. Balancing work and family became a little more challenging.

She also cleared the air about reports that suggested that she was sacked from the Vision Group office and got issued with a notice halting her from stepping close to the office saying the reports were untrue and baseless.

I have never been fired from Vision Group as it was rumored in the news all out there.

Fifa Da Queen
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