Ugandan dancehall artist Mudra, real name Alfa Sebunya, says that his music should not continue playing when he dies.

Often, when a musician dies, their music goes viral as different media stations pay tribute in celebration of their life and career.

Just recently, when Kato Lubwama succumbed to a heart attack, his music dominated the airwaves shocking some people who only knew him as an actor.

Singer and songwriter Mudra wants none of that.

While appearing on Mr Henrie’s The Deep Talk show, Mudra asked that his music should stop playing when he dies.

He noted that he is not in music for a legacy but rather to make money, survive, and live well with the people around him.

What I mind about is the money, not the name, not the fame. I ain’t about it. Even when I die, I wouldn’t want my music to continue playing. It shouldn’t be played.

I don’t want a music legacy, I just wanna survive and live good with my people. That’s why you don’t find me everywhere because I do not have the privileges of the other artists

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