Former Rubaga South MP, Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi a.k.a “The Man” weighed in on the ongoing preparations of a music battle between singer Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu.

Hon. Lukyamuzi is of the school of thought that music battles are only meant for weak artists who don’t believe in themselves.

He furthermore added that he finds music battles unnecessary for any music industry to prevail and take great strides like other countries have taken in the past 10 and more so years.

He reasons that artists should just work in harmony with one another so that they expand their territories as they look forward to widening their audiences.

I think a music battle between Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu is unnecessary. Just work with fellow artists in a good way and you will all elevate to the next level. Why stage a music battle?

Ken Lukyamuzi

Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi made the statements as he addressed reporters sharing his view on the Ugandan arts business plus highlighting why art is very important.

He gave a thumbs up to Afrigo Band for their great contribution to the music industry and for sticking to what they do best for the 48 years they have been active.

Speaking about the copyright law, Ken Lukyamuzi called upon the parliament to quickly work on implementing the law so that artists can reap big from the creative juices that they spend time investing in art.

During the interview, he also listed his favorite musicians including; Juliana Kanyomozi, Hon. Geoffrey Lutaaya, Irene Namatovu, Betty Mpologoma, and Mesach Semakula as he described them as ‘awesome’ singers.

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