NEW YORK CITY - JULY 27: Bobi Wine attends the National Geographic Documentary Films “Bobi Wine: The People’s President” premiere and special performance at Rumsey Playfield on July 27, 2023 in Central Park, New York City. (Photo by Anthony Behar/PictureGroup for National Geographic)

Bunamwaya LC V Chairman and media personality Jacob Akuguzibwe alias DJ Jacob Omutuuze believes there are individuals who can surrender their kidneys for Bobi Wine to stay alive.

The Dembe FM presenter gave in his opinion about Bobi Wine following the online castigation that NUP diehards had launched against singer Alien Skin for allegedly demeaning the “People’s President” Bobi Wine in one of his TikTok clips that went viral.

DJ Jacob Omutuuze shared the experience of how he has ever been baptized by fire from the NUP camp to the extent that he lost peace and his family got deeply affected.

He narrated that he had to change his daughter’s schools five times in the shortest period of time since she felt out of place whenever fellow students pointed fingers at her claiming that her father had insulted their president.

DJ Jacob Omutuuze went on to state that his daughter asked him never to involve her in his wars and troubles.

Since then, DJ Jacob detests posting her daughter online and always warns people to go slow whenever they attack Bobi Wine.

In the same regard, DJ Jacob Omutuuze warned Alien Skin that his rift with Bobi Wine’s online army might land him in deep waters if he is not careful or even end up distorting his music career just like that.

Artists who have been victims of launching attacks against Bobi Wine include Catherine Kusasira, Big Eye, King Michael, and Ronald Mayinja among others.

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  1. Abe Bunamwaya muringa abe Rubaga abalonda late Kato Lubwama, LOSS, how can some one choose Omutuuza as your LC-5!

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