Since singer Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin rose to prominence, several artists have always expressed the desire to hook up with him on new music projects.

He has often allowed his fellow artists to tap into his fame as he hit the studio with several of them to record songs including Aziz Azion, Daxx Kartel, Yung Mulo, Clever J, Fille, and Dianah Nalubega among many others.

Even though he seems to be at the peak of his music career, there are other artists who don’t feel the vibe of working with him on new music projects.

Among those is Mudra who has his reasons as to why he can’t hit the studio recording booth to work with Alien Skin.

Speaking to Galaxy FM, the “Balo Balo” singer noted that Alien doesn’t give time to songs or even promote them well yet to him, each project should turn out big.

He noted that someone can work on a song with Alien and after like 10 hours, he drops another which could greatly affect the previous song’s performance.

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