The State Minister for Gender and Culture Hon. Peace Mutuuzo Regis Akiiki has expressed her interest in taking over singer Alien Skin’s comrade, Champion Ogudo in an effort to have him enrolled in school.

Hon. Peace Mutuuzo reveals that government intends to secure a better future for the ten-year-old boy who is always moving around with Alien Skin in night bars and at events.

The minister believes that if Champion Ogudo is taken back to school, he could become a much better person and turn out to be an important individual to the public.

Champion Ogudo has also tried out singing and even performs on the same stage on different occasions.

Minister Mutuuzo believes Champion Ogudo is an innocent child who deserves to enjoy the rights that children have to enjoy.

I am looking for Alien Skin so that the innocent young boy he moves with gets help. I know I can’t find him anywhere else apart from his place. Champion Ogudo is very innocent.

I know deep down he admires children who go to school. At his age, he is not supposed to be going to bars. That’s why I am fighting for him to have his childhood when he still can.

Hon. Peace Mutuuzo

The action Hon. Peace Mutuuzo is considering for Champion Ogudo is similar to the one that Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi offered Fresh Kid and since then, he has greatly improved in his academics.

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