Following a face-to-face verbal exchange of words between Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu at the press conference for their upcoming music battle, the former posed a question for the latter.

Among the many questions that were thrown their way, Sheebah had one that she had long wanted Cindy Sanyu to clear the air about.

Based on the fact that Cindy Sanyu wrote Sheebah Karungi’s first song as a solo artist dubbed “Kunyenyenza” which was produced by Washington, she wondered why Cindy Sanyu tossed her and dodged featuring in her video.

The former TNS singer went on to claim that whenever she contacted Cindy Sanyu to meet and make proper plans she always kept on lying to her.

Smartly, Cindy Sanyu responded to the question saying she declined featuring in her music video because she didn’t want to steal her shine as she wanted the world to know her as well.

When Cindy was faced with another question as to why the song she wrote for Sheebah didn’t turn out to be a hit jam, she responded stressing that it is Sheebah herself who messed up the song reasoning that she poorly executed it.

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