Karma Music Record Label boss Sheebah Karungi has scoffed at her critics who are working tirelessly in an effort to see her shine evaporate in the thin air.

The “Bailamos” singer suggests that the one thing that is disturbing her doubters and haters is how she managed to turn out to be successful following several years of hard work and persistence.

She stresses that when she was starting out her music career in 2010 as a solo artist, many critics doubted her ability to shine but out of self-belief and getting connections with the right people, God paved the way for her.

The self-styled Queen Karma believes that whoever is trying to put her down is just like someone who is trying to fight with God because whatever she has achieved in life is out of God’s favor and relentless work.

Fighting Sheebah Is like fighting with God because it is God who put me where I am now. And He will be the one to place me where I deserve to be and as well demote me from the places I don’t deserve to be.

I understand what’s wearing people out – it’s the fact that they witness my achievements and find it hard to believe in the blessings that have come my way. I am blessed. If at all you knew about my story since I was a kid and the way I was birthed. One day you will watch my documentary and people will get to know that you can’t with God.


Sheebah also noted that despite the ongoing music feud between her Cindy Sanyu, she has always expressed gratitude toward Cindy for the assistance she gave her when she was starting out her career.

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