Singer Kikabi Vincent, better known as Green Daddy, has opened up on how he shed tears while pleading with fellow singer Opa Fambo to work again as a duo after their split.

Before Opa Fambo and Green Daddy parted ways, the Capital Music Icons duo released some good songs with “Baatya Nyoo” giving them much of the fame.

On their road to stardom, they found some hurdles which they failed to cross yet their career was at a take-off stage.

Green Daddy says they were given advice about how each of them could be a star individually, something that increased their egos.

Somehow, Green Daddy, who by then was known as Mosh Mavoko, realized going solo wouldn’t work making a reverse to plead to Opa Fambo to keep their duo going.

His pleas fell on the deaf ears of Opa Fambo who had made the decision to work solo thus declining to give Green Daddy a second chance.

Speaking to Galaxy FM’s Deep Talk host, Mr. Henrie, the ‘Buwoomi’ singer narrated that he knelt before Opa Fambo amid their colleagues and shed tears requesting they work as a duo but he refused.

He added that Opa Fambo only held his shoulder and supported him off his knees, encouraging him that he could make it as a solo musician.

As time went by, the two artists struggled with Opa Fambo seemingly looking like he would make it but later on, he faded and now Green Daddy is the one shining.

Apparently, very few individuals know which direction Opa Fambo took as he is hardly traceable on the entertainment scene.

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