Singer David Lutalo has distanced himself from reports suggesting that he is eyeing a political seat in the 2026 general elections

Over time, rumors have been making rounds revealing how David Lutalo had set his eyes on running for a political seat in the area of Nakaseke but he finally put the rumors to bed.

David Lutalo, while speaking to the media, was quick to cancel out the allegations stating that at this moment, he can’t mix his music career with politics.

He went on to note that he has no problem with fellow artists who joined politics because they do so because of the little payment they get from their content.

No No No.. That’s not true at all. At the moment anything concerning politics I don’t get involved in it. I don’t want to mix music with politics. The reason why artists are rushing to join politics is simply because of the nonfunctioning copyright law.

David Lutalo

Lutalo believes that when the copyright law is enforced and artists start earning good money from their craft, there will be no reason for them to ditch their works to get involved in politics.

He stressed that whoever is moving the propaganda should cease doing so since the reports are false and baseless.

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