Singer Mudra Di Viral has acknowledged receiving payment from Karole Kasita who has finally cleared her outstanding debts from many years ago.

In an interview with Galaxy FM over the weekend, Mudra cleared the air about how he had been paid for writing the Yaka and Mwoto hit songs.

He further noted that they are now in the good books of each other good after years of bickering. Should we expect the two to work together again?

Early this year, Dancehall singer Mudra accused Karole Kasita of being a very ungrateful musician having made a lot of sacrifices for her among which included writing all her hit songs but she was still unappreciative of him.

Mudra performs with Karole Kasita

In an interview with Galaxy TV, Mudra said when he wrote Karole Kasita’s hit song Yaka, he was excited that all the sacrifices he had made were finally going to pay off.

Having had quite a well-paying sales job in a mattress company, Mudra had to return to the slums and build his music career at that time.

Later on, because of the delayed payments and disrespect by artists like Karole, Mudra decided to start singing.

Ivan Atuhairwe is a writer passionate about analyzing events on the Ugandan entertainment scene - something he has done this for a couple of years

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