Legendary music producer Nash Wonder, the owner of Wonders Just Studios, isn’t happy with how disrespectful artists are to them as producers yet he believes they determine the future of the artists.

Via a phone, Nash Wonder expressed how disappointed he is with Sheebah and claimed he is the one who laid a firm foundation for the stardom the former TNS singer is currently enjoying.

Nash Wonder also revealed his faith in Sheebah beating Cindy Hands down in their upcoming music battle.

It should be recalled that Sheebah’s first two hit songs; Ice Cream and Twesaana, were produced by Nash Wonder while he was still at Monster Studios.

Nash added that ever since Sheebah quit TNS, he is the only producer who has managed to give her a bigger hit song, Bailamosi.

He urges artists to always respect producers because their relationship with artists is beyond monetary value.

That’s why people pushing for copyright should fight to see it working in Uganda because it will be easy for producers to claim our royalties after a given period of time. I have been part of many artists stories but they never mention you anywhere.

Ugandan artists should learn to respect producers because, without them, you would be nowhere. I made Ziza Bafana, Kalifah AgaNaga, Goodlyfe, and I remain the most internationally nominated producer in Uganda with 3 nominations in the AFRIMMA awards.

Nash Wonder

Ivan Atuhairwe is a writer passionate about analyzing events on the Ugandan entertainment scene - something he has done this for a couple of years

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