Recently, Green Daddy confessed to breaking down and kneeling before his former singing partner Opa Fambo as he begged him that they reunite after they had split way back in 2019 when they were known as the Capital Music Icons.

Despite making the pleas and going down on his knees, Opa Fambo declined to reunite so that they could work together as a team and thus each took his own route to focus on their solo music careers.

When Opa Fambo was asked to confirm the incident, he confirmed that whatever Green Daddy said was true adding that he recalls the moments when the latter begged him.

He, however, made fun of him stressing that Green Daddy has a weak and soft heart as well as likening his legs and knees to spaghetti when dipped in hot water.

Opa Fambo went ahead to claim that Green Daddy can as well kneel down while begging a girl for her phone digits, statements that sparked laughter among the people who were in the studio.

When I wanted to leave Green Daddy, he knelt down before me, asking me not to go. Green Daddy likes kneeling down so much, his legs are weak maybe. He’s capable of kneeling for a girl’s phone number.

Opa Fambo

When the two split, Opa Fambo hooked up with manager Karma Ivien to help him push his music but their connection failed.

Opa Fambo is now focusing on pushing his brand to new heights.

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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