A few days back, Kiira Municipality MP, Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda came out and disclosed the amount of salary that musicians who were appointed as Presidential Advisors earn.

Among the artists he mentioned included Catherine Kusasira and Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman saying they are entitled to Shs2.3M every month plus many other presidential advisors who are over 200 in total.

In his speech, Hon. Ssemujju wondered why the President would spend such a huge amount of salary on individuals who are not adding any impact to his office.

The MP believes Museveni is extravagating his budget yet that money would be invested in something else that is developmental to the country.

While speaking to Sanyuka TV about the same issue, Catherine Kusasira responded to Hon. Ssemujju’s claims stressing that he is only jealous of her.

Kusasira hinted at how one time Hon. Ssemujju Nganda rallied people to always walk away whenever she stepped on stage to perform but she is glad that Ssemujju’s negativity toward her hasn’t affected her in any way yet.

She added that Hon. Ssemujju is one of the members of parliament who just hop from one controversy to another adding that could be one of the MPs who can’t even give out Shs1m to his constituency when a need arises.

Kusasira warned Hon. Ssemujju saying that come 2026 and beyond they will be facing off in the August House after the next general election.

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