USA-based Ugandan socialite Nalongo Sheila Don Zella shocked her followers when she publicly dropped a hint while contemplating how she wants to propose to a man.

The mother of three spoke her mind via her social media platforms where she noted that she feels like getting down on one of her knees and posing the ”Will You Marry Me” question to a man we are yet to establish.

The controversial Ugandan socialite went ahead to ask her followers whether such an act is allowed to be done by women since it is mostly known to be done by men.

Mpulira njagala ku proposinga!! Wama ba dear can a woman propose to a man?

Don Zella

Her followers responded with mixed feelings as some backed up her point whereas others disagreed with what she feels like doing since she has deep feelings for the man she is in love with at the moment.

Don Zella has been living a single life since her husband passed away after losing a battle with Parkinson’s disease in February 2022 in Abu Dhabi following several months of being bedridden.

It is now about a year and some good months since Don Zella shared the unfortunate news with her followers.

Around February this very year, Don Zella still declared that she is free and open to dating but it looks like men still fear to hit on her.

Do you think Nalongo Don Zella should go on and propose or she should just hold her peace until the man makes the move?

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