Well-endowed fast-rising singer Laika, real name Laika Umuhoza, has distanced herself from claims that she is among the ‘planned kids’ of this generation.

The term ‘planned kids’ is a phrase that has been trending lately referring to children or youths born from rich families with a soft start to life.

Based on her good looks, appealing appearance, and style and fashion, one is easily convinced that Laika is from that section of individuals and has all it takes to succeed in whatever she lays her hands on since she is believed to have all the resources required to make it in life.

She has, however, poured cold water on the claims by stressing that if she was a ‘planned kid’ she wouldn’t be here struggling to survive on her own through music and other hustles.

“Many People think I am a planned kid but I really am not. If I was a planned kid, I wouldn’t be here struggling to survive on my own, through music and other hustles,” Laika said in an interview.

When tasked to reveal her relationship status, Laika stressed that she is not dating and that she is single and not searching.

However, she hinted that if she is to be in a relationship, she wants to start it with someone who is loaded since she does not want to live a struggling lifestyle.

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