Bobi Wine’s brother Mikie Wine says he will always respect his baby mama Shazney Khan and would never expose her dirty linen in public despite their separation.

Around April, rumors started flying across the gossip space about how Shazney Khan and Mikie Wine had separated over several issues including infidelity.

Shazney Khan went ahead and deleted all photos of Mikie Wine from her Instagram account, fuelling the rumors even further.

In August, Mikie eventually let the cat out of the bag when he expressed his love for another lady identified as Pauline Kemigisha, who is reportedly pregnant with his child.

Mikie Wine acknowledges that his ex-lover had her faults as a person but he would never expose her in the public eye because she is still the mother of her children.

While speaking to the media, the Sulubada High School singer noted that he has been nurtured well not to expose his private affairs to the public.

Mikie says that being a celebrity, exposing his ex-lover’s dirty linen in public could cause her problems with his fans.

As a mature man who was raised well, I do not expose private family affairs to the public. So if I tell you found her with a man, will you discipline her? There is nothing you can mend. I don’t put my family affairs in the public eye, especially such very sensitive issues. I am loved by many people so I might say something and my fans turn against her. A fan can stone her yet she is the mother of my children.

Mikie Wine

He also noted that speaking ill of his wife also affects the children because the allegations remain in the public domain even for the future.

“I keep it as a secret and protect her as the mother of my kids. I accord to her that respect because she gave me very beautiful kids,” Mikie Wine added.

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