Singer Vivian Tendo’s fans will have to keep calm if they really want to see their artist treat them to a music concert.

According to the singer, she believes she is not ready to stage a music concert any time soon as she still has to work extremely hard to reach that level.

She reasons that she feels she has to take some good time while releasing good music until her fans start to demand a concert.

Vivian Tendo states that the music she currently has on the market is not enough to satisfy her fans to the fullest if she dares to stage a concert.

Don’t expect a concert from me now. The truth is I still have to work more musically as I need to release more songs because the songs I have are not enough for me to stage a concert that can satisfy my fans to the fullest.

Vivian Tendo

She went ahead to promise that in the coming few years, she could probably stage one as she shall have gained a solid footing on the ground.

When asked to choose which side she is rooting for in the upcoming music battle between Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu, Vivian Tendo declined to take sides.

She maintained that she loves and respects both artists for the contribution they have made to the music industry.

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