In what seems to have come as a shock to several netizens, Zuena Kirema has revealed how her civil marriage with the father of her children Bebe Cool was swiftly conducted twenty years ago.

Today, Zuena Kirema Ssali and Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool celebrate twenty years since they were legally bonded as husband and wife at a civil marriage ceremony held at Crane Chambers.

As she celebrates two decades in marriage, the former Miss Uganda contestant reveals that at the time of their marriage, they were broke and could not even afford a glamourous wedding gown.

They opted for a civil wedding which was carried out at Crane Chambers and she remembers the process lasting just under two hours.

We left home and hit the road to go exchange our vows.We arrived at Crane Chambers at 1 pm and by 3 pm we were married.

Zuena Kirema

Zuen says they were so determined to become husband and wife and she has no regrets over the decision they took.

For the last twenty years, they have undergone a couple of challenges but Zuena says they have chosen to stick together and she realizes what a lucky wife she is with each year that passes.

On this day 20 years ago,we exchanged our vows. With no money to buy a white gown & a proper suit (white wedding), nothing was going to stop us. We left home and hit the road to go exchange our vows. We arrived at Crane Chambers at 1pm and by 3pm we were married.

The excitement is nothing I can explain, Bebe Cool now started calling me mukyala around the house even for unnecessary reasons. Am glad that 20yrs down the road, we have stuck to each other and are truly enjoying marriage.

You are my friend before my husband and I guess that’s what’s keeping us going. Every year that passes, I get to realize how lucky I am to be your wife. Here’s to being with you forever hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart.

I love you. Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary my love.

Zuena Kirema

Congratulations to the couple!

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