Talented Singer, Songwriter, and Vocalist Brian Avie, real name Brian Baguma, has revealed the reasons why he is considering taking a music break or even quitting music for good.

With songs like Njakulinda, Kubaala, Ekyama, Nkuwadde, and Sex Money, among others, Brian Avie has turned himself into one of the recognizable music brands in Uganda.

Despite being one of the most respected vocalists in the land, Brian Avie says music has not given him enough returns on the financial investments he has injected into his career.

“I am tired of investing money in something that does not give enough returns on investment. For the years I have done this, I am now old and I don’t want to spend much longer in the industry when I am investing money that does not yield results,” Brian Avie said in a video.

Avie says that despite joining the industry with passion, he has later realized that passion alone cannot sustain the career which is not enabling him to live a comfortable life.

Brian Avie goes on to reveal that Ugandans have failed to appreciate good quality music and that has let down the local film industry.

He notes that it’s high time he redirected his money to other businesses that will enable him to prepare for older age and take care of his children.

Avie advises fellow artists to reevaluate their financial flows and make better decisions for their lives going forward because just a handful of artists have been able to reap big from music.

He mentioned the likes of Sheebah, King Saha, Gravity Omutujju, and Cindy Sanyu as the few artists who have benefitted from music.

He has given himself just one more song release this year and how it performs will help him make a decision to quit music or take a break.

Take a gaze at the video below:

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