Did you watch the clip of MC Kat’s baby mama Fille Mutoni claiming they might get married soon? Well, rumors suggest it could actually be happening.

In 2019, singer Fille Mutoni and emcee MC Kats, real name Edwin Katamba, split after several years of a romantic relationship.

They made their breakup public as a lot was going on in their lives, some of which made it to the surface evoking mixed reactions from netizens.

Fille then disclosed how her darling had led her into a terrible drug addiction which almost ended her life.

The following year in 2020, Kats made his health status public in his effort to inspire HIV victims and also fight against stigma.

Despite his good intentions, it brought a lot of commotion in the entertainment industry and rumors that he had ditched Fille for Caroline Marcah started making rounds.

It was around this same time that Kats also plunged into some mental health challenges for a while and needed rehab to bring him back in shape.

In 2021, Kats cleared the air about Fille’s HIV status, revealing that his baby mama was safe and negative, which sparked a huge debate online.

Above all the chaos, Fille and Kats have stuck together and kept in touch while they co-parent to raise their beautiful daughter Abigail.

Recently, they also revealed getting back on good working terms with Kats managing the promotion of Fille’s music, and planning a comeback for her.

In a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, Fille was overjoyed to let her fans know that soon she’ll be introducing MC Kats to her family members.

She also noted that people should not be surprised to know that their wedding is around the corner, with plans already underway to make it happen.

Ivan Atuhairwe is a writer passionate about analyzing events on the Ugandan entertainment scene - something he has done this for a couple of years

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