Mpaka Records boss Wyclif Tugume alias Ykee Benda has opened up about the struggles and challenges he has been facing over the past two years.

While appearing on Galaxy TV’s Deep Talk show, hosted by Mr. Henrie, he revealed how he has always been embroiled in a child custody battle with her ex-lover.

He notes that his ex-lover denied him access to his son, Dante, despite making several pleas that only fell on deaf ears, something that gave him sleepless nights.

The “Farmer” singer furthermore disclosed that he has been given advice by his lawyer friends to go to court so that he can be granted access to his son but he decided to keep it on the low.

He adds that he declined to go to the courts of law in an effort to keep his family affairs out of the public eye noting that taking legal action would expose his family struggles which he doesn’t want.

Ykee Benda stresses that it is hard for him to communicate with his son even via the phone as her mother blocked him from accessing the boy.

He adds that going public with his new catch could bring him more trouble not accessing the child at all but he is hopeful that in the future God willing, his ex-lover will create space and time to let the boy talk to his dad.

As of now, Ykee feels hurt not being able to access Dante.

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