Following the Kyadondo 2010 bomb blast, tension was high as security agencies deployed 500 officers.

By 2012, I had won the trust of all top artists, promoters, and service providers in the country, as an Event Security Manager. My no-nonsense approach, especially while dealing with the notorious Kifessi gang that had terrorized revelers, bringing order at the gates, backstage, and VIP section, was highly appreciated by event stakeholders.

It was therefore not a surprise, that both artists and their managers Emma Serugo (Bebe Cool) and Lawerence Labeja (Bobi Wine) entrusted me with this event.

Buchaman, who had just left the Firebase crew, was with Bebe Cool to offer ‘moral’ support.

Revelers started arriving by 3 p.m. Bobi Wine arrived at 7:30 p.m. aboard a Pioneer Easy Bus with over 30 members of his Firebase crew and mean-looking bouncers and wanted to access the venue using the emergency gate.

I with the Counter Terrorism Police, cleared Bobi and asked the bouncers to use the main entrance. This was already a good sign, that we had to be strict but polite, in order to get maximum cooperation from the Firebase crew.

Bebe Cool arrived shortly after with his hummer and a small team of bouncers and also cooperated.

Backstage was a no-go area even for renowned “top” artists and media personnel who were not accredited, as over 30 plain clothes security operatives were deployed separating Bebe’s team from Bobi’s. They didn’t allow members from either camp to cross over and swang into action, whenever anyone dared.

At one point Silk Events Boss Elvis Sekyanzi (the stage and sound provider) was bounced, but I asked security to let him through.

The stage was divided with a long metallic fence, keeping both artists and their crews from physically getting into any kind of contact.

Bouncers from both camps were kept off-stage. Revelers, indeed had fun as both camps turned up in numbers. With adequate security deployed even amongst the crowds and all drinks selling points. No major incidents were reported.

However, the concert which was supposed to end by 1 a.m. continued up to about 3:45 a.m. as fans kept demanding more songs.

The then RPC; SP. Muluya and his four escorts had a very hard time trying to access the stage to stop the concert because we had agreed that no force should be applied. I had to rush backstage and told both artists and their managers to respect the RPC’s order. Both camps agreed and the concert ended in peace.

That was a real battle!

Dixon Okello Adol a.k.a Dixon 'Bond' Okello is an award-winning events security guru who has been in the ‘security limelight’ for a while now and he’s certified FIFA and CAF football security officer...

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