Dorah, a Mukono-based businesswoman who has been making headlines after leaked WhatsApp conversations hinting at her failed relationship with singer Bruno K, has spilled more secrets about their affair.

While speaking to Spark TV’s The Daily Soup, Dorah revealed how Bruno K is a childhood friend of hers as they grew up together but she had declined advances of any romantic affair from him while still young.

Dorah says that Bruno K, however, returned to her life and made advances toward her begging for a romantic relationship in August 2022 after doing research about her through her cousin.

He then called her after accessing the necessary information he wanted and drove to Mukono where he met her and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Dorah claims that Bruno K told her about her financial situation at the start of the relationship hence why she decided to just help him willingly and she does not regret it all.

The 34-year-old denies being a sugar mummy and maintains that, at 34 years old, she is only two years older than Bruno K but she is just wealthier.

She further notes that through their relationship, she did not care much about infidelity but when she decided to cut off finances, everything went south.

Dorah says that the last nail in the coffin of their relationship happened when she stopped paying money to the shop where Bruno K used to get clothes and he was slapped with outstanding debts of over Shs590,000.

She claims that when she adamantly refused to pay the debt, Bruno blocked her and their affair hit a snag.

She now does not want any romantic ties with Bruno K as she says that she has moved on from all that but she still has his child and he should be a responsible father.

He called my cousin and asked her all about me. Before I knew it, Bruno was calling me and he came to Mukono. He wanted me to be his girlfriend. Initially, I told him I would think about it first and he kept in touch, checking on me often and asking about how far I had gone with his proposal.

I would tell him I am still thinking about it because I used not to follow him. I only started following him after he came to see me (in Mukono) so I didn’t know much about him socially. I ran a background check but you know what they put on social media is not what they are in reality.

When speaking to the media, Bruno shows that he is a good person and a Born Again who even attends service at Phanero but his heart is not the cleanest. Bruno is abusive and he has a short temper, he has a bad mouth. This year we have had so many challenges in our relationship and I guess it’s why it has collapsed.


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  1. Sorry Dia love doesn’t ask why it blend Bruno would have accepted the money if he knew he will not fall in love wit her it quite a sad where every One understand love in his or her own way but pray to God replace 4 u some one who love u expected from Bruno that will not heart u

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