KondeBoy Gang boss Harmonize and well-endowed Ugandan singer Laika Umuhoza again sparked fresh dating rumors on Saturday.

The development came through after the pair took to their Instagram stories and shared videos showing matching tattoo initials on their necks.

Harmonize first shared a video clip that he had captioned asking his fans whether he should get a new face tattoo on his skin as he sent shouts out to Laika Music who was his camerawoman on the day.

A few moments later, he showed a tattoo that had music symbols and in a few minutes again, Laika also took to her Insta stories and shared a video clip of her bearing the same tattoo initials that Harmonize had inked on his skin.

When the netizens saw the tattoos, they were not short of words as they immediately began to speculate that something romantic could be going on between the two artists.

Harmonize is known for always getting matching tattoo initials whenever he starts a relationship with a woman he dearly loves.

The incident can be drawn to his past relationship that he had with his ex-lover Frida Kajala when they got similar tattoos while still in love.

When they broke up, each removed the tattoos and to date, they don’t see face-to-face having bitterly parted ways.

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