Former Blu*3 performing and recording artist Jackie Chandiru has set the record straight concerning rumors that allege that Lilian Mbabazi beefs and has hatred against Cindy Sanyu.

Jackie Chandiru asserts that none of her ex-crew members has bad intentions for each other but some media personalities interpret the situation wrongly.

The “Agasi” singer notes that hatred is for the devil and in her opinion Lilian Mbabazi is not the devil thus maintaining that the accusations surrounding Mbabazi hating Cindy Sanyu are just stories created to cause tension between them.

Let me tell you one thing about Lillian Mbabazi, she doesn’t hate any of us. Hatred is for the devil and Lillian is not the devil. She cannot hate anyone.

Jackie Chandiru

The gossip about Lillian Mbabazi having envy against Cindy Sanyu was brought to life following the tone of her speech and remarks that she made after the recently concluded music battle that happened between Cindy and Sheebah Karungi.

The reporters who quoted Lillian Mbabazi explained that she didn’t sound quite impressed with Cindy’s way of doing things and immediately related it to how their split in the Blu*3 group happened.

One was heard trying to stress that Lillian Mbabazi and Cindy Sanyu’s beef dates way back with allegations that the former did a lot to see the latter fired from the group.

However, Jackie Chandiru saved the day when she maintained the cause of their split was a result of miscommunication that happened among the trio.

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