Via his Snapchat account, singer Deus Nduggwa a.k.a Grenade has said that he was “almost killed” by Rickman and his boys over Sheilah Gashumba.

Netizens woke up to drama unfolding on the internet on Monday morning following a physical fight between two artists, Rickman and Grenade.

According to reports, Grenade is alleged to have attacked Rickman at La Terazza, Kisementi after The Kampala Brunch party.

Rickman’s girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba, through a video shared on her Snapchat account, revealed that Grenade wanted to hang with them during the brunch.

Rickman in hospital

He was, however, denied access to their table which seems to have infuriated him. “He kept coming to our table trying to fight RICKMAN’s stylist first and he was stopped then he resorted to throwing a glass which cut Rickman and he ran on a boda,” Gashumba revealed.

Grenade, however, says that he was attacked by Rickman and his gang. He notes that they attacked him and “almost killed” him over Sheilah Gashumba.

He acknowledges dating Sheilah Gashumba five years ago but maintains that he no longer has any interest in her.

Rickman and his boys almost killed me last night but I thank God that I’m still alive they break my leg and my arm but bro you were going to kill me for no reason because man l have no interest in your girl but you just want me dead because of girl.

Man, I dated sheila 5 years ago we had what we had and that was it so now boy I don’t know why you’re chasing me trying to kill me for your girl bro you’re girl she’s no longer my type.


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