Local socialite Bad Black, real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa, believes former Ugandan Cranes striker Eugene Sepuya could be the father to her 11-year-old daughter and she wants a DNA test to prove it.

In July 2016, Bad Black said that Hakim Kibirige a.k.a Kim Swagga, a renowned fashion stylist and businessman, is the father of her daughter, Davina Kibirige.

This seemed to shock everyone at the time as the ex-convict had in 2012 claimed that Davina was David Greenhalgh’s daughter and had even christened her Davina Greenhalgh.

Now, Bad Black has again added a twist to the tale after claiming that she dated Eugene Sepuya in mid-2011, the year that led to Davina’s birth.

Eugene Sepuya

In a video, the controversial Ugandan socialite requests Andrew Eugene Sepuya to contact her so that they carry out Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests to confirm the paternity of her daughter.

She goes on to state that she does not remember having a romantic affair with Kim Swagga before she conceived Davina’s pregnancy but she clearly remembers dating Sepuya around the time.

“I remember you. We dated and had sex not more than twice and you know very well that we never used condoms. So I am respectfully requesting a DNA test as mature people,” Bad Black said.

Bad Black says that Sepuya denied paternity of Davina twelve years ago yet he knew they had had intimate relations but he now has to accept her request for DNA tests to rule it out conclusively.

“12 years ago you denied using words but deep inside you know so no more fighting. DNA is going to be the solution. Come face your life mistake,” Bad Black further wrote on Facebook.

Sepuya is yet to respond to the allegations.

@mbuuganda Bad Black launches fresh DNA request from former Uganda Cranes footballer Eugene Sepuya over the laternity of her daughter Davina @Mbu #kampala_tiktokers #ugandantiktok #badblackug #tiktok #fypシ #Sepuya ♬ original sound – Mbu

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  1. Hahahaaaa, akasiruuuu, labay BB, “come face your life mistake” too, kweggamba nansikombi ono ayinza okufna olubuto nga tamanyi nnyini lwo, obutasoma buno buruma as if tamanyi na Periods ze Ga0C-Ya!

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