Michael Benjamin Owor, better known as DJ Bush Baby, believes that the Ugandan entertainment sector is headed for better days in the coming years.

He believes that the arts industry is likely to go through a major change and the stakeholders will benefit more from the showbiz industry compared to the past years.

DJ Bush Baby says that the high level of cooperation that he is currently witnessing among fellow players in the industry will soon bear fruits.

He states that he loves the way DJs are working hand-in-hand to better themselves in many ways like forming SACCOs.

He goes on to stress that such growth in the deejaying profession contributes to the country’s tax base and inspires young talents to join the field in an effort to get employment opportunities.

The future looks brighter for DJs and other entertainment personalities in the industry. DJs are now earning more and receiving greater appreciation for their work. In the past, DJing was seen as an unconventional profession, but that’s no longer the case.

Additionally, DJs are increasingly forming SACCOs where they can borrow and lend money among themselves. This growth in their profession is contributing to the country’s tax base.

DJ Bush Baby

During the Mwasuze Mutya interview, DJ Bush Baby went ahead to caution the entertainment players to uphold the African traditional cultural norms and standards as he asked them not to borrow everything that they see from the Hollywood lifestyle.

We should strive to uphold our cultural norms and standards instead of attempting to emulate Hollywood lifestyles.

DJ Bush Baby

DJ Bush Baby is a veteran entertainment player who has worked with different media houses in East Africa for the years he has been active in the field.

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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