Each week leaves dozens of new songs released by Ugandan acts as the year nears its closure and in this article, we look at the six songs that were released just this weekend.

Nalukwago – Sama Sojah

Love, love, and love – that is what Sama Sojah sings about the best but this time around, he oozes the much desired yet often unheard of Reggae vibes of his in this new song titled ‘Nalukwago’.

Sama Sojah is confident that the rest of the year will show his fans his intentions of consistently releasing beautiful music for the rest of the year leading into 2024 – something his faithful fans have always yearned for.

Self-styled as the “Lyrical Senator”, Sama knows his way around words making the lyrics of the new song relatable and easily delivered.

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2019 – Zex Bilangilangi

Zex Bilangilangi, real name Tadeo Mayega, narrates his musical journey from 2019 when he made his musical breakthrough. Dancehall is still strong for Zex and he also showcases his rap skills on this song that was produced by Dynamq.

Shot by Korsal at the St. James Market in London, UK, the video is refreshing to the eyes and visualizes Zex living his dreams.

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No Money – Omega 256

Bar the message embedded in the lyrics, this might become yet another of my favorite songs done by Western-Uganda-based artist Omega 256, real name Shamim Murerwa. No Money conveys a message that most females love to sing atop their voices towards men with the intention of dating them.

“Without money, you don’t get the honey” but from the Ugandan perspective, “…you don’t eat the doughnut.”

Omega 256 has never lacked in terms of vocals and how she wraps them around her lyrics to create a sound so sweet for the ears. With her song ‘This Year’ still dominating playlists, this is yet another one to add to it and she is destined for a good closure to 2023.

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Ebaluwa – Irene Ntale John Blaq

Two stars align on ‘Ebaluwa‘ – yet another song on which John Blaq’s lyricism and Ntale’s vocal range are showcased. They compliment each other on this song about a love letter.

Could this be the song that brings Irene Ntale back to the big scene? We really hope so.

Sugar Mama (Remix) – JPC Again feat. Jowy Landa

Produced by Nessim, the ‘Sugar Mama’ remix is a smooth RnB-fused dancehall song that you might put on replay. With the hilarious nature of the lyrics to the original song, it was definitely destined for good rotation on media stations.

Following its success on TikTok, the song attracted Jowy Landa who added her lazy touch to create a beautiful remix produced by Nessim. Is it dedicated to sugar mummies? Well, there is one way to find out. Take a listen below:

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Kuchakala – UgaBoys

Kuchakala is the latest of all the above-mentioned songs and if anything, it continues to show the positive intent of dropping beautiful tracks that the UgaBoys have showcased since the years started.

This year, the duo can comfortably state that they have one of the biggest songs of the year titled ‘Salary’. They seem so drawn into having a good time which rubs onto their new song’s titled which translates as “Partying.”

UgaBoys never hold back when it comes to fashion and choreography in their videos and you have so much to look at in their new visuals. Take a look.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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