Swangz Avenue singer Priscilla Zawedde a.k.a Azawi has opened up about her past relationship with her ex-lover whom she only disclosed as Eddie.

The “Quinamino” singer shared about how she ended her affair with the dude she was in love with following a cheating saga.

Azawi noted that she ended her affair with her lover over disrespect and how demeaningly she was treated.

She explained that her then-boyfriend treated her badly when she was still working at her mom’s restaurant narrating how she often gave him food on credit but always delayed paying back.

She went on to stress that she would even lie to her mom that her lover would pay in time but the payment she got was only to be heartbroken.

The heartbreak came about when he gave his phone to his new girlfriend who then requested Azawi to bring food for them.

The lady then revealed to Azawi how she was Eddie’s lover, leaving her upset, and she walked away immediately in anger.

She says she will never forgive him adding that even when he calls, she can never ever pick up his calls despite his endless endeavours.

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