Among some of the things Pherrie Kim asked for her burial was not to have her photos printed anywhere and for mourners not to cry for her soul.

On Wednesday, the sad news of former Club Guvnor Public Relations Officer and Publicist Pherrie Erum Kimbugwe a.k.a Pherrie Kim’s death gripped the entertainment circles in Uganda.

Today, Pherrie Kim who succumbed to brain cancer will be laid to rest at her ancestral home in Katale, Seguku at 2 p.m. according to the arrangements spotted by this website.

A Will that she wrote before her demise emphasizes how she did not like photos of her printed on shirts, calendars, and other merchandise for her burial.

In 2018, via Facebook, Pherrie Kim also – among other things – stated that people should not cry when she passes on as she would be in a better place.

Below is her 2018 Facebook post about her burial;

Dont mean to freak anyone out but when I die…(Coz we all must die)

  • Please do not cry for me coz I lived an extremely full happy life and did everything I dreamt of doing…plus once I’m on the other side, I’m in a much better state than you are…So please be happy for me instead.
  • Please refrain from using my pictures with RIPs. That human image is simply my temporary shell to get me through this temporary life…it isn’t truly my infinite identity.
  • Know that I was forced to live in this world against my own choice coz if I had had a choice, I’d have chosen to be an immortal angel instead of human…and know that I’m so excited to finally watch y’all from the other side and not be a part of this insanity and circus called life.
  • Please please please do not remember me. That is why I am not leaving any living proof of my existence behind.
  • If you learnt anything from me…I hope it’s about loving truly and fully….and having light instead of darkness in your heart.

Pherrie has been described as kind, loving, respectful, and God-fearing by her friends. May her soul rest in peace.

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