Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has called upon overseas event organizers to start flying musicians in business class instead of economy.

Winnie Nwagi explains that she has over the years seen a number of fellow artists post photos while traveling in economy class.

Having experienced the treat of traveling on a business class flight, however, Nwagi calls upon artists to request event organizers to book for them business class flights.

She says that it does not make sense for an artist to travel in an economy flight with passengers and at arrival they are treated to a star welcome yet the artist was on the same flight being squeezed in the same class.

The “Musawo” singer has hence advised promoters to first save enough money that cater to an entertainer in a posh style before they think of booking them to make them travel in economy class flights.

She concluded by stating that artists have suffered a lot and need to be treated like real stars like other artists from different nations.

Ladies and Gentlemen.., I travelled to Business class for the very first time since I started traveling n believe me when I say it was the best experience .., STAR TREATMENT. Those who follow me on Snapchat witnessed it. Seen a number of artists posing in Business class yet they’re traveling Economy which isn’t bad.. sometimes u need to fake it till u make it. Anyway, I’ve posted these pics to show how comfortable I was as u can see.

Talking for Artists. I am calling upon our dear clients/promoters from overseas to pse make a change… Some of us have worked so hard to deserve this comfort when we’re coming to y’all…The economy is not bad but for an artist, it’s embarrassing bcz of so many reasons. We appreciate the Star treatment at arrival but it doesn’t make sense when some of our fans hv already seen us in Economy squeezing here and there, snoring n all.

Please first save enough money to make sure u gon’ treat us/our artists like the STARS they r…we’re already facing enough unfair treatment in this industry…we deserve better…Of course it’s exciting to be traveling but pse don’t take advantage of Artists’ excitement.

Our music and the demand are why u get to book us meaning we both need one another so don’t treat us like you’re doing us favors…we can still make the same money at home (Uganda) and live.

START BOOKING BUSINESS CLASS FOR EVERY ARTIST THAT DESERVES IT…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH … Give us your best in treatment so we can as well give u our best in performance.

Winnie Nwagi

Nwagi’s post has since attracted positive reactions from fellow artists who thank her for being bold and standing up for their demands.

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