Media personality and analyst Frank Ntambi quit Radio 4 just a week after his appointment citing a breach of terms by the station managers.

Ntambi noted that he had been hired to be a regular analyst at the Radio’s Saturday morning show from 7 am to 10 am, a deal that he had agreed on a verbal and mutual understanding.

However, the station managers went against his back and put up changes that he did not agree with, and thus found it wise to end his stint at the station.

He also cited a lack of professionalism at the radio station as he disclosed how the station is trying to rebrand following the departure of several presenters who were working there.

Ntambi opened a can of worms against his old colleague Wisdom Kaye saying he is going down with him for having made him lose his new job in just a week.

The two apparently can’t share a table as back then and Frank Ntambi has only acidic remarks against Wisdom Kaye.

Ntambi accused his co-host Black Shuga 256 of giving Wisdom Kaye the opportunity to bash him while on air and whenever they went into a break, she would as well continue to grill him something that didn’t sit down well with him.

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