Singer Josephine Mugerwa, commonly known as Phina Masanyalaze has cautioned fellow artists both affiliated with the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) not to involve politics in the amendment of the copyright bill.

Phina Masanyalaze noted that if artists involve politics in this journey of requesting the amendment of the Copyright bill it will take them a very long period of time to reach the desired common goal.

She explained that only unity and cooperation as artists can make them achieve this since it is the bill that they have for many years yearned to be implemented by the Ugandan Parliament.

When the Copyright law is effected all creatives across the country benefit from equal measures since their content will be highly projected and will pay much more compared to how they are currently earning.

In a recent interview, veteran musician Tshaka Mayanja stated that the artists who subscribe to the UNMF are being led in that direction because the government wants to keep them blindfolded.

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