At the start of this very month, the departure of news anchor and Mwasuze Mutya show host Faridah Nakazibwe from the Serena-based NTV media outlet made rounds on news sites.

The news came with a lot of buzz as many wondered why Nakazibwe had left the media outlet without throwing her a farewell party for the 17 years she had served at the station.

With lots of questions left unanswered, speculations started making rounds as some claimed that she could be headed to the Next Media Park since we have over the years seen several media personalities ditch Serena and head to Naguru.

In the heat of her departure, reports came out to reveal that at a certain time, Nakazibwe had almost completed her move from Serena to Masengere but somehow the deal stalled.

Reports that are currently making rounds reveal that Nakazibwe’s void is set to be filled by BBS TV’s Dianah Nabatanzi as soon as she returns from the USA.

Apparently, Ruth Kalibala Bwanika is sitting in and running the business as we wait for that moment of unveiling Dianah Nabatanzi if the move materializes.

The update was brought to light by Bukedde FM/TV presenter Simo Omunene during an interview he held with Jenkins Mukasa and Batt Badru.

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