Dembe FM presenter DJ Jacob Omutuuze has continued to express his dismay with Big Talent Entertainment boss Eddy Kenzo.

The Bunamwaya LC III Chairperson claimed that whatever wrong deeds Eddy Kenzo has committed in his life will come to light one day and the world will be shocked about what a very dangerous individual he is.

The “Africa Koona” show host has in the past months been hinting at how his working and friendly relationship with Eddy Kenzo went south over matters he had decided not to let the public know.

Following the continued abuses and harsh insults that he has been receiving ever since from bloggers whom he alleges Eddy Kenzo paid to attack him, he could be triggered to expose the BET Award winner’s secrets.

One day Eddy Kenzo will pay and reap for all the bad and negative deeds he has done in life. I feel bad that Kenzo even hired bloggers to insult me.

If I ever did anything wrong about him, he should come open and express it. The pain that I bear in my heart, he will pay for it. I felt really upset when he once claimed that I slept with my own daughter.

DJ Jacob Omutuuze

Back in the day, Eddy Kenzo and Jacob Omutuuze were very close friends who knew each other inside out and would cover each other’s dirty deeds.

DJ Jacob Omutuuze claims he wishes God could take away the effort that he added to Eddy Kenzo’s career to become the star that he is now.

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