Two of the music industry’s most dynamic and talented artists, Navio and Tyra Chantey, have joined forces to deliver a captivating and soul-stirring musical dubbed ‘Water’.

This dynamic collaboration brings together Navio’s lyrical genius and Tyra Chantey’s captivating vocals, resulting in a song that promises to make waves in the music world.

Apart from Hamadi, the next most talked about collaboration off the “Vibes Out The East” album from Navio has been “Water”. Even though it has been a feature on the Album released in August 2022, the Navcorp team had been adamant about waiting until now to release it.

Navio has always been at the center of predicting the African voices of the future. From his mention of Tiwa, Burna, Sauti, and many other acts on the continent at the start of their career, he hasn’t been wrong yet.

His most notable claim has now come in the form of backing Tyra Chantey. A Ugandan-born Swede who lives between 3 continents and uses that to make her music more colorful and impactful than you could possibly imagine.

He has already dubbed her the voice of the future and as we await her much-anticipated debut project, this year is about to be shut down with “Water”. This is their first of hopefully many collaborations as the entire process seems like an effortless blend of brands and more.

Arguably the most sought-after name in Production- Nessim, came in to elevate the instrumentation to another level. The video itself was shot in Atlanta by Sasha Vybz and entirely lives up to the hype.

“Water” is a melodious blend of hip-hop and R&B, creating a unique and fresh sound that is bound to resonate with a wide range of music lovers. The track explores themes of love, desire, and the ebb and flow of emotions, all set against a backdrop of mesmerizing melodies and rhythm.

Navio, a household name in the hip-hop scene, is known for his insightful and thought-provoking lyrics. With a career spanning over a decade, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre and continues to be a driving force in East African music.

Tyra Chantey, on the other hand, is a rising star with a voice that can enchant and captivate any audience. Her vocal prowess adds an unforgettable dimension to “Water.”

The lyrics of “Water” tell a compelling story, showcasing the depth of emotions that can arise in the quest for love. The artists delve into the idea that, much like water, love can be both calming and tumultuous. The song’s evocative lyrics and infectious melody will undoubtedly leave listeners contemplating their own journeys through love and life.

Navio and Tyra Chantey’s chemistry in “Water” is nothing short of magical. Their musical synergy is evident in every note, creating an entrancing and unforgettable experience for the listener. The track is not just a song; it’s a journey through the emotions and complexities of the human heart.

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