Rapper Matovu Mungi, known by the stage name Mun G, has bragged about how no one can match him in a music battle at any moment.

He claims that the only person who would give him a run for his money was the late Mowzey Radio who passed on in 2018 at Case Clinic in Kampala.

Based on his submission, Mun G asserts that no artist can match the content that he has and perform hit song after song before any crowd.

Who has the content that you can match against me in a music battle when it comes to performing song after song? The only person who would dare to stand in my path was the late Mowzey Radio. Apparently, No one has the content to match against me in a music battle. No one can last a show for two hours to battle me in the kind of any crowd that they want.

Mun G

Mun G went ahead to clear the air about his musical silence saying he just took a break to focus on the other side of life of not being in the limelight, saying he needed to reflect on how other businesses work out.

He noted that when someone takes a break from something he is famously known for it doesn’t mean that they are worn out.

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