Kiwundo entertainment dancehall musician and actor Vampino, born Elvis Kirya, was left frustrated after his valuable sunglasses went missing at Azawi’s concert over the weekend.

Based on his narration, Vampino explained that he couldn’t remember where he had placed his expensive Platinum Rose Gold sunglasses worth USD1,000.

All he could recall at the time of the interview was that someone had requested to buy them from him but he’d declined.

After taking a few sips of his drink, he couldn’t locate where exactly he had placed the sun glasses, and when he tried to check around the table where he was seated, he failed to find them.

Singer Vampino is currently experiencing intense distress and frustration after losing his valuable platinum rose gold sunglasses.

Vampino claims that the sunglasses were not just any ordinary pair of shades, but they were worth a whopping USD 1,000 and had purchased them to add to his already impressive collection of designer eyewear.

He then regretted having not sold them to the person who had picked interest in buying them from him rather than just being stolen and losing them at no charge yet he bought them expensively.

He vowed to work hand in hand with the Serena camera team to help him locate his misplaced sunglasses as he noted he couldn’t just leave his sunglasses without a fight.

He added that the sunglasses have an App that can help him track them at any place where they could be as he warned the person who could have picked them to return them quickly.

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