Joan Namugerwa, publicly known as Jowy Landa, has come clean about her relationship and dating life as she assured the nation that she is not in an affair with anyone.

The TNS-affiliated singer made her stand about relationships and dating known in an effort of trying to clear and put to bed the rumors that have always been spread about her.

In doing so, Jowy Landa clearly friend-zoned a one BexXx A DJ who has long been rumored to be her boyfriend, maintaining that he is only her close friend who has supported her from day one.

She went ahead to claim that in her entire lifetime, she had only been in one relationship when she was still in school, and when that hit a dead end that is where it all stopped.

The “Wire Wire” singer also trashed accusations that suggested that relationship heartaches once sent her into depression noting that such a thing has never happened to her.

BexXx A DJ is just my friend who has supported me from day one. Sincerely speaking, I’ve not started dating. In my life, I’ve only had one boyfriend and I think it was in High School. But I am not into that staff. I’ve not yet matured enough to start dating and mingling. The accusations that relationships took me into depression are all falsehoods.

Jowy Landa

Jowy Landa then describes the kind of men she falls for saying, she dearly loves tall and mugged guys who look good and smell nice.

People who know me well, know the kind of men that I fall for. I love tall and good-smelling and looking gentlemen.

Jowy Landa

In a further interview, she also expressed her desire to work with Sheebah Karungi on a musical project together saying she can’t wait to see that happen to her music career having yearned for it for a very long time.

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