Uganda and Rwanda musically link up again as Danra, Vyper Ranking, and Deejay Pius collaborate on a new release dubbed ‘Je Taime’.

Danra, Deejay Pius, and Vyper Ranking’s creativity and ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level have birthed a collaboration between these three artists.

‘Je Taime’ is a truly unique and captivating sound that will definitely resonate with fans across the region as it represents the diversity and richness of music in East Africa.

By blending different languages and musical influences, Deejay Pius, Danra, and Vyper Ranking have created a song that represents the cultural mosaic of the region.


Produced by Rwanda’s Bob Pro and Iyzo Pro, this cultural fusion is a testament to the power of music in breaking down barriers and bringing people together.

Already, East African music enthusiasts have embraced the song, sharing it on social media, requesting it on radio stations, and dancing to it in clubs and parties.

This overwhelming response has propelled Je Taime to become a chart-topping hit and solidify its position as one of the trending bangers in East Africa.

Take a gaze at the video:

YouTube video

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