Gospel singer Catherine Simon Mirembe has opened up about the challenges and hurdles that are faced by fellow gospel artists in the music industry.

The “Nali Manyi” hit singer says as gospel artists they face challenges of music promotion and are usually under looked by events promoters.

She reasons that gospel musicians rarely hold concerts because sponsors usually shun their events with claims that their shows flop a lot.

However, Mirembe suggests that flops happen following the poor promotion of events.

She wants gospel artists’ shows to be promoted just the as the way secular shows are promoted.

She thus encourages event organizers to support gospel artists in the same way as they do secular musicians noting that their music industry will grow at a terrific speed.

Mirembe says that if anyone joins the gospel industry with the aim of making quick money, they’re likely to ditch the genre reasoning that money comes in slowly.

Most of the time it is not easy to promote gospel music especially when one has a hit song. Because you can release a new song and people fail to recognize it.

There is money in gospel music but not that much as in secular because most of the time our concerts don’t have alcohol and skimpily dressed people. If a rising gospel artist joins our industry with the aim of getting money, they can easily fail.

If we could as well get music promoters who could promote our shows like they do with secular artists, our concerts would also sell out as well.

Promoters shun to inject money in shows claiming our concerts flop a lot.

Catherine Simon Mirembe

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