November draws us nearer to the end of the year and different musicians have set out to end 2023 on a high. New music videos and audios are out and we look at five of those that have been released this weekend including projects from Bebe Cool, Jowy Landa, Pia Pounds, and Viper Ray, among others.

  • ‘Question’ – Bebe Cool

Earlier in the week, Bebe Cool teased his fans with a snippet of his latest music project, ‘Question’. It was discovered that the video was shot in Los Angeles at the same location where American music icons T.I and Rihanna shot the visuals of their 2008 collabo ‘Live Your Life’.

The Gagamel boss traveled to the U.S.A. with Sasha Vybz and they worked on a magnificent video that is already turning heads in Kampala and trending #13 on the top Ugandan videos on YouTube. The quality of the audio has received negative criticism but the video is quite beautiful for the eyes. Take a gaze:

YouTube video
  • ‘Big Love’ – Pia Pounds

After over 4 months of no release, Pia Pounds returns with ‘Big Love‘. Again, she works with Kuseim who seems to understand her musical strengths. In this new love song, Pia Pounds sings about her man and how much he wants her big love.

  • ‘Amina’ – Brian Avie feat. HAKiME & LUPiE

Brain Avie’s social media engagements in recent months after announcing that he was considering quitting the music industry over low returns to investments seem to have birthed a new journey for him and one that he is enjoying.

His previous single ‘Kanzilye’ has received good airplay and he now returns with a collaboration on which he features fellow rising singer HAKiME and LUPiE. Dubbed ‘Amina’, the new release is a captivating love song.

Dive into a world of passion, rhythm, and dance with this mesmerizing track which Brian Avie believes will expose his talent further.

YouTube video
  • ‘Twafuna’ – Vyroota feat. Jowy Landa

Already among the top 30 trending songs in Uganda today, Jowy Landa and Vyroota’s ‘Twafuna’ is a sweet sound to the ears. This has been the year that Jowy Landa breaks out and it has been quite a good run for her.

With songs like Wire Wire, Rolex, Teacher, Bajambula, and Sugar Mama (Remix), she has shown her readiness for the big stage and the fans have warmly welcomed her. On ‘Twafuna’ she further showcases her vocal ability and lyrical prowess.

Vyroota is no longer a name that needs introduction in Uganda’s music industry and his love lyrics and unique voice blend well with Jowy Landa’s on this song produced by Nessim.

YouTube video
  • ‘Nassanga’ – Viper Ray

Viper Ray’s affiliation with the now-defunct Goodlyfe crew could still be suppressing him in the shadow of the late Mowzey Radio but his vocal prowess can never be underestimated. Produced by Nesis Touch, ‘Nassanga’ is a love song in which he continues to relay his lyrical and vocal ability.

As usual, Radio’s touch and influence are loud and despite the audio being a little half-baked, it continues to show Viper Ray’s raw talent which needs just a little polishing and he can shine among the top artists in the +256.

YouTube video

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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