Dancehall singer Elvis Kirya, better known as Vampino, has not been in his best shape as he is battling with typhoid fever that he contracted recently.

Taking to his Instagram account, Vampino shared a video of himself getting treatment at an undisclosed medical center.

In the same video, Vampino stresses that he could have contracted the sickness as a result of taking unpurified water and has since vowed never to take water from anywhere else besides the water he has prepared by himself.

Surprisingly, he put the blame on Spice and Sheebah water brands stating that since he usually takes them a lot, they could have been the root cause of his ailment.

How did i even get typhoid blood claat..from now me make me own water cyuh buy nomore.


Having shared the post about his health status, his fans flooded his social media account with quick recovery messages and prayers.

Typhoid is a prevalent ailment among the population of Uganda and is thought to originate from the consumption of water that has not been boiled or the utilization of unsanitary utensils.

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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